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Full Name -Samantha Ann Mary Kowalski
Age -15
Birthdate -April 7th, 1989
Current Location -Levittown, New York
Gender - Female
Sexual Orientation - Bi
Hair Color - Dirty Blonde
Eye Color - Blue
Height - 5'9"
Weight - 176
Shoe Size - 11
Glasses - for reading
Contacts - nope
Birthplace - Mineola, New York
Marital Status - taken
Nationality - Irish, Polish, Welsh, Scotish, English
Siblings - 2 sisters
Parents Names - Chris and Rich

Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite Drink - Kool-Aid
Favorite Store - Pac-Sun
Favorite Actor - Tom Welling
Favorite Actress - Tara Reid.. ugh hott :)
Favorite Brand - idk
Favorite Singer - oh yes Ashlee Simpson really floats my boat.. ew no! i dk
Favorite Band - too many, but probably Fall Out Boy <3333
Favorite Type Of Music - Emo, Punk, Rock
Favorite Song - Grand Theft Autumn-Fall Out Boy
Favorite TV Show - im not sure (haha mr. rogers neighborhood)
Favorite Movie - Breakfeast Club, Girl Interrupted
Favorite Restaurant - Idk, Friendly's
Favorite Cartoon - Rugrats

How do you feel about...

Abortion - I think it's wrong to ruin a life, but it's your body. Do w/e the fuck you want.
Premarital Sex - I think it's wrong, but than again i would do it. Just don't get pregnant and you'll be fine :)
Protected Sex - Great, smart thinking. :)
Same Sex Relationships - well hence the reason im bi, im for it and don't see a reason to hate it. For the people who do hate it, i think are just immature and just don't see that it's not their decison, And that we're (as in gays, bi's, lesbians) not different, We're a human being living life day by day... okay off this topic
The Death Penalty - ehh wrong, i think.. i dont know what it is :\
Junk Food - ahhhhhhhhhhh amazing :)
The Atkins Diet - i heard that it could kill you... but my parents were on it and it helped. I dont know its a diet and i dont do diets so i dk.
Cartoons - eh they're alright, not a big fan of them now.
School - it sucks! but great way to meet friends
Our Government - IT SUCKS!!!
Tests/Quizzes - Uh what kind?
Sports In Our Schools - Great! i would die if there wasn't
Music In Our Schools - uh i guess it's good, even tho i dont take it
Punk Rock - It's Great!! ahh love it :) :)

Why do you feel you'd be a good maintainer for this community? well i am already one because Veronica loves me dearly :)
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