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From Up Here The City Lights Burn

even though i am the maintainer, i felt like putting an application in just so you guys get to know me a little better.  so here it is. <3


Full Name - veronica ann dominique secreti
Age - fifteen
Birthdate - april 25, 1989
Current Location - levittown, new york
Gender - female
Sexual Orientation - straight
Hair Color - brown
Eye Color - hazel
Height - 5'5"
Weight - 114 pounds
Shoe Size - 8
Glasses - yes
Contacts - no
Birthplace - howard beach, new york
Marital Status - taken
Nationality - italian, irish, german
Siblings - patrick
Parents Names - helen and john

Favorite Food - anything italian
Favorite Drink - iced tea
Favorite Store - pacific sunwear, hot topic, old navy
Favorite Actor - johnny depp, orlando bloom
Favorite Actress - kirsten dunst, amanda bynes
Favorite Brand - element, dickies
Favorite Singer - tom delonge
Favorite Band - blink 182, something corporate, the hives
Favorite Type Of Music - rock
Favorite Song - walk idiot walk by the hives, somebody told me by the killers
Favorite TV Show - degrassi, whose line is it anyway
Favorite Movie - lord of the rings, the breakfast club, the shining, finding nemo
Favorite Restaurant - the olive garden
Favorite Cartoon - spongebob

How do you feel about...

Abortion - god, don't even get me started, it's horrible and wrong and shouldn't even be an option nowadays
Premarital Sex - if you feel you're ready and committed than do whatever floats your boat but i personally want to wait until marriage
Protected Sex - i have nothing against it
Same Sex Relationships - they're gross and they shouldn't exist
The Death Penalty - it depends how bad of a crime they committed, but i think it should be legal
Junk Food - <3
The Atkins Diet - i don't really care, i like carbs
Cartoons - they're okay most of the time
School - i hate it but i need it
Our Government - could be a hell of a lot better
Tests/Quizzes - i don't see a point
Sports In Our Schools - i think it's great and i enjoy them
Music In Our Schools - i couldn't live without it
Punk Rock - the best thing in the whole world

Why do you feel you'd be a good maintainer for this community? i already am the maintainer so i don't need a reason...i created this community, mwaha <3

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